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  • Ajay Rathod

    Ajay Rathod

    I am Java Developer, I share interview questions on Java.

  • Emre Baş

    Emre Baş

    senior dev in test @ dolap — trendyol group // ex. @accenture & @huawei

  • Mehmet Ozkaya

    Mehmet Ozkaya

    Software/Solutions Architect, Udemy Instructor, Working on Serverless Event-driven Microservices Architectures https://github.com/mehmetozkaya

  • Recep İnanç

    Recep İnanç

    Software Developer @Amazon. You can find me at recepinanc.com.

  • Muhammet Enes Akçayır

    Muhammet Enes Akçayır

  • Ozer Cevikaslan

    Ozer Cevikaslan

    Software Engineer @ Kobler

  • Tuncer Başaran

    Tuncer Başaran

    Software Developer at dolap.com

  • Dan Goslen

    Dan Goslen

    Jesus follower | husband | IJM advocate | software engineer. I share tips and tools for building software as a team!

  • Ömür



  • Ünal SÜRMELİ

    Ünal SÜRMELİ

    Tech Team Lead | “Do one thing and do it well”

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